How Healthy is Coffee Creamer?

Who doesn’t love sipping from a mug of warm, freshly brewed roasted coffee on a busy morning to kick start their day?

Believe it or not but about 62% of Americans drink up to three cups of coffee a day to boost their productivity and have a kick start in the morning. 

Drinking coffee can be a polarizing experience, one side encompassing coffee fanatics that cannot fathom diluting their precious espressos with creamers, and others who cannot handle the bitter taste of black coffee. 

If you belong to the latter category and do not enjoy drinking crisp black bitter coffee, a thick rich and creamy coffee creamer might come to your aid. 

Coffee creamers are creamy concoctions that are paired perfectly with your morning cup of joe, that give your freshly brewed coffee a sweet flavor and rich creamy consistency. 

Coffee on its own and when consumed in moderation does not pose any direct harm to one’s health. 

In fact, coffee integrates a myriad of benefits ranging from weight loss, increased metabolism, and prevention of diseases such as high blood pressure and even type 2 diabetes.  

However, diluting your daily cup of joe with innocent-looking coffee creamers may pose more danger to your health than you can imagine.

If you are a coffee fanatic who cannot drink multiple cups of coffee with coffee creamer on a daily basis, knowing about its effects on health is integral. 

Here are the coffee creamers good and bad, to help you determine how healthy are coffee creamers for you exactly.

What is a Coffee Creamer, Exactly?

Coffee creamers are common store-bought and simple-to-use additives that can be poured into beverages like coffee, tea, and even smoothies. 

Coffee creamers can also be a great alternative and substitute for milk and Half-and-Half creamers. 

Generally, most coffee creamers are non-dairy and lactose-free, and often contain sugar substitutes, oils, fats, as well as thickeners to give the product a creamy consistency and an appealing taste. 

Coffee creamers both in the form of liquid and powder have a long shelf life when compared to their milk-based counterparts. 

They also come in a variety of flavors that complement different beverages and also encompass several seasonal flavors to appeal to a wide range of consumers. 

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What are Coffee Creamers made from?

Don’t you just love the sweet flavor, rich creamy froth, and golden brown color a coffee creamer adds to your morning joe?

But have you wondered how your favorite coffee creamer gives such perfect color and taste within a few seconds?

Coffee creamers are processed food items that act as an effective lactose-free and non-dairy alternative to milk or creams. 

Ideally, coffee creamers are made from three common ingredients i.e., water oils, and sugar. 

However, as a lactose-free product, coffee creamers are not completely dairy-free as they also assimilate milk-derived proteins. 

Other than that, most processed coffee creamers that are largely manufactured like Nestle’s Coffee-Mate are ladened with chemicals, hydrogenated oils additives, sweeteners, preservatives, and emulsifiers. 

Furthermore, heavily processed coffee creamers do not integrate any vital nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that contribute to one’s health. 

Instead, Coffee creamers often integrate copious amounts of sugars, calories, and sweeteners that often do more harm than good. 

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So what is good about Coffee Creamers?

While most individuals shy away from consuming coffee creamers due to them being heavily processed and ladened with additives, chemicals, sweeteners, and calories others swear by the convenience it brings to their lives. 

Coffee creamers are a great way to elevate anyone’s coffee-drinking experience, with a wide range of flavors and consistencies, there is something in the world of coffee creamers for someone. 

Furthermore, coffee creamers are not only non-dairy and lactose-free, making them suitable for people with digestive sensitivities; they also come in sugar-free, zero-calorie, dairy-free, keto-friendly, vegan, gluten-free, and low-cholesterol variants.

Why are Coffee Creamers bad for you?

With all the benefits of coffee creamers mentioned above, these creamy concoctions also come with their fair share of setbacks. 

The problem when it comes to coffee creamers lies in the ingredients. As coffee creamers are not exactly cream or milk, you may be wondering how exactly they get this rich creamy consistency. 

Well, coffee creamers are processed food items that assimilate hydrogenated oils, chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and emulsifiers. 

In fact, most sugar-free coffee creamers integrate artificial sweeteners such as sucralose which can be detrimental to the gut microbiome. 

While these factors may not directly affect one’s health, consuming multiple servings of coffee creamers may lead to severe health-related repercussions. 

Hence it is recommended by medical experts to check the content table before purchasing a new package of coffee creamer. 

How healthy are sugar-free and fat-free coffee creamers?

The simple answer to this question is no, as these coffee creamers, although claiming to be “sugar-free” and “fat-free” integrate several unhealthy alternatives to the natural additives. 

In fact, most artificial sweeteners like maltodextrin which have been approved by FDA guidelines have still been proven to alter the good bacteria in the gut.

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