Zero Calorie Coffee Creamers

Are you cutting back on calories or trying to lose a couple of extra pounds to achieve that summer-ready body?

We all know that consuming fresh fruits and veggies instead of junk food and cutting back on extra calories is the easiest way of losing excess weight. 

But you will be surprised to know just how many calories daily food and beverage products you consider healthy may contain. 

In fact, consuming a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a light spritz of coffee creamer also contains copious amounts of calories. 

Yes, as shocking and surprising as it may sound, your beloved coffee creamer is ladened with copious amounts of additives, emulsifiers, sweeteners, sugars, and calories that may add a couple of pounds to you. 

If you are not fond of consuming your daily morning coffee black and crips, coffee creamers can be a saving grace, but how does one go about having coffee with coffee creamer when cutting back on calories?

This is where no sugar and Zero Calorie Coffee Creamers come to your aid. No, it is definitely not a dream, there are several brands in the market that produce calorie-free or zero-calorie coffee creamers. 

To help you find the right coffee creamer with close to no calories here is everything you should know about Zero Calorie Coffee Creamers.

How are coffee creamers made?

Before jumping to the list of the best Zero Calorie coffee creamers, it is important to understand how they are made, to begin with. 

It is not a secret that Coffee Creamers provide extra creaminess and thickness to your daily cup of joe, but they are more than just milk and cream. 

In fact, most coffee creamers in the market are non-dairy and do not incorporate any form of dairy product at all, instead, they assimilate different forms of additives, thickeners, and emulsifiers to give your coffee that ever-so-desired creaminess. 

Most famous coffee creamer brands incorporate generous amounts of oils, sweeteners, and sugars in the formula to give their creamers a kick of sweetness, however, these additives can be quite unhealthy for people with high blood pressure, or diabetes.

Different types of Zero-Calorie Sweeteners in coffee creamers

Beware, your favorite coffee creamer may not be as healthy as you may think it to be. This is because common coffee creamers incorporate generous amounts of artificial sugars and sweaters that give your coffee a sweet taste. 

But these sugars and sweeteners in coffee creamers can often leave most individuals on a weight loss journey feeling guilty, as they also incorporate large concentrations of calories. 

Whether you have diabetes or you want to cut back on your calorie consumption, it is important to learn about sugar, sweeteners, and sugar substitutes to find a coffee creamer suitable for your needs and taste. 

Here is a list of different types of sweeteners and sugar substitutes you should be aware of when shopping for coffee creamers:


Sucralose is one of the most common sweeteners to work with and is often incorporated in many processed foods and beverages. 

It has a stable formula and is also used for cooking and baking foods, it is also good for frozen foods and beverages. 

Sucralose is a zero-sugar sweetener but can boost appetite or food intake in some individuals as well as sugar cravings.


Stevia, scientifically known as Stevia Rubandiana Bertoni is a bush-like shrub that is a part of the sunflower family. 

It is a natural and organic substitute for sugar that has about 150 separate species native to parts of North America and South America. 

Stevia contains active compounds of glycosides that make it almost two hundred to three hundred times sweeter than common sugar and requires way less water and land to provide the same sweetness as any common sweetener. 

Along with being more effective than your table sugar, Stevia is also non-fermentable, pH-stable, and even heat-stable. 

Stevia is a great alternative to common sweeteners as it is a zero-sugar and zero-calorie sweetener.

Learn about Coffee Creamers with Stevia:

Monk Fruit:

Monk Fruit Extract is another sweetener commonly found in food and beverage products that are extracted from a fruit found in Southeast Asia. 

Monk Fruit extract is an amazing alternative to sugar as it contains zero-calorie, zero-carbohydrate, and zero sugar.

This sweetener is also great for people with diabetes at helps regulate blood glucose levels in the body.

Ace K:

Ace K is an artificial sweetener, known by its full name Acesulfame Potassium which is commonly present in food and beverages meant for dieters and even diabetics.

Acesulfame Potassium is a stable ingredient and a great alternative to common sugar that is ideal for cooking and even freezing.

This artificial sweetener contains zero calories and is great for regulating blood sugar levels in the body. 

However, just like the artificial sweetener sucralose, it can lead to an increase in one’s appetite as well as increase sugar cravings.

A List of the Best Zero-Calorie Coffee Creamers

Who doesn’t like a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, especially on days when you are feeling extra sluggish? 

Coffee creamers are a hard-to-miss ingredient for anyone who loves to have an extra boost of creaminess with their energizing coffee. 

However, these coffee creamers may not be suitable for individuals who are on a diet, diabetic, fasting, or on a weight loss journey, as they are ladened with calories and sugars. 

To help you find the right coffee creamers for your nutritional and diet requirements, we have brewers a refined list of some of the best coffee creamers that contain zero-calories that will not aa a couple of pounds on you:

1. Nutpods Sweetened Coffee Creamer:

The Nutpods Sweetened Coffee Creamer may be everything you need to make a perfect cup of creamy coffee.

This wonderful coffee creamer contains almond milk and coconut milk making it a perfect partner for your morning coffee. 

It comes in three different flavors including French Vanilla, Sweet Cream, and caramel to give an extra kick of sweetness to start off your day. 

The Nutpods Sweetened Coffee Creamer is a great product for people who are cutting back on their calorie consumption as it only incorporates 5 calories per serving.

2. Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half Coffee Creamer:

Califia Farms manufactures some of the best organic and vegan products that pack multiple benefits. 

The Califia Farms Unsweetened Coffee Creamer is a great option for diabetics, dieters, or vegans

This wonderful coffee creamer incorporates equal portions of almond milk and coconut cream to give your coffee extra thickness and creaminess. 

Another benefit of this amazing coffee creamer is that it only incorporates 5 grams of natural sugar serving, which helps regulate high blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. 

Califia Farms Unsweetened Better Half Coffee Creamer incorporates 15 calories per tablespoon.

3. Coffee Mate Zero-Sugar French Vanilla Coffee Creamer:

The Coffee Mate Zero-Sugar French Vanilla Coffee Creamer is just like the original Coffee-Mate coffee Creamer but with a low-calorie twist. 

While most zero-calorie and sugar-free coffee creamers lag behind in terms of flavor, this coffee creamer does not hold your coffee-drinking experience and gives your coffee a kick of French vanilla taste. 

The Coffee Mate Zero-Sugar French Vanilla Coffee Creamer contains only 15 calories per tablespoon making it perfect for diabetics and dieters.

4. Great Value Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffee creamer:

The Great Value Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffee Creamer is another cream that optimizes your coffee experience. 

Easily available in Walmart, the Great Value Sugar-Free French Vanilla Coffee Creamer is not only amazing in taste but also very affordable. 

This delicious coffee creamer is also suitable for people on a diet or trying to lose weight, as it only contains 20 calories per tablespoon.

5. Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer:

The Laird Superfood Unsweetened Creamer is one of the best diet-friendly substitutes for your daily coffee creamers as it is made from powdered oat milk. 

Not only does it give your coffee an extra kick of creamy froth, but it also comes in  7 different flavors you can choose from!

The Laird Superfood Unsweetened Creamer is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, Non-GMO, soy-free, and does not need to be refrigerated. 

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