Best Coffee Creamers for Diabetics

Coffee Creamers can often be a make-it-or-break-it product when making a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

If you are someone who enjoys the bitterness of crisply roasted coffee in conjunction with the sweetness and creaminess of milk, coffee creamers are the product for you. 

However, having high or inconsistent blood sugar levels often leads to one changing up their diet tremendously. 

Diabetics have to avoid or search for effective alternatives for beverages or additives that help maintain their blood sugar levels. 

Some great examples of alternative additives and beverages are decaffeinated coffee or date seed coffee which can be used as an alternative energizer. 

One of the things that come under the sickle or sorting is the ever-so-beloved coffee creamer and for very good reasons. 

Many brands have curated specific Coffee Creamers for Diabetics to specifically cater to their health requirements to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. 

To help you select the right kind of Coffee Creamer to maintain a clean bill of health, here is a guide to selecting the best Coffee Creamers for Diabetics. 

Why is it important to choose the right Coffee Creamers for Diabetics?

Just like your common sweeteners, coffee creamers are also a coffee additive a person diagnosed with diabetes should be careful consuming. 

While a common coffee creamer is as simple as dairy cream to add an extra flavor to the coffee, they contain copious amounts of sugar that may be harmful to diabetics. 

But unlike the common coffee creamers, low-sugar coffee creamers may be helpful for people with diabetes, but can seldom taste good. 

Hence, choosing a good coffee creamer is beneficial for more than maintaining healthy blood sugar levels for diabetics, in fact, it is integral for enhancing the taste of the beverage, whether it is a steeped cup of tea or a fresh cup of joe. 

It is best to look for Diabetic-friendly coffee creamers that incorporate the right amount of ingredients that provide nutrition, froth, creaminess, flavor, and thickness to the coffee. 

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What does a Diabetic-Friendly Coffee Creamer incorporate?

Common coffee creamers ideally assimilate copious amounts of sugar that provide your daily cup of coffee with an extra boost of flavor. 

Most dietitians recommend people diagnosed with diabetes consume no-sugar coffee creamers with less than a gram of crabs. 

Diabetic-Friendly Coffee creamers incorporate either MCT oil, oat milk, stevia, or coconut oil to give the creamer extra thickness with the goodness of low-sugar ingredients. 

MCTs or Medium Chain Triglycerides are lab-manufactured fats made from coconut and palm kernel oils that give the coffee extra thickness and creaminess without jeopardizing its taste. 

Oat Coffee Creamers also acts as a great substitute for common half-and-half coffee creamers that provides coffee with a thick consistency and eliminates the requirement of sweeteners or other additives. 

Factors To consider when purchasing Diabetic-Friendly Coffee Creamer

There are a plethora of Coffee Creamers available in the market that incorporate different ingredients and encompass different types, consistencies, and even flavors. 

To help you select the best coffee creamer that accommodates your health-related needs and requirements, here is a list of factors to remember when purchasing a Diabetic-Friendly Coffee Creamer:

1. Consistency of the Coffee Creamer:

There are two basic types of consistencies available in the market for Coffee creamers i.e., Powder Coffee Creamers and Liquid Coffee Creamers. 

Powder Coffee Creamers are lighter than your traditional Liquid Creamers and do not provide extra thickness to the coffee as one may desire. 

When using a powder-based coffee creamer you may witness yourself adding more creamer that may be required leading to several health risks for people with diabetes. 

In fact, powder coffee creamers often take a longer time to mix into cold beverages when compared to liquid creamers that have the tendency to seamlessly blend with beverages of any temperature. 

When considering the points mentioned above it is best to go for liquid-based coffee creamer. 

2. The Shelf-Life of the Coffee Creamer:

Another determining factor for selecting the right Coffee Creamer that accommodates your needs is the shelf-life of the product. 

If you would prefer to use your Coffee Creamer for a longer period of time, investing in a Powder-Based Creamer would be the right option for you. 

However, you can prolong the longevity of your Liquid-based coffee creamer but simply storing the product in the fridge. 

3. Calorie Count of the Coffee Creamer:

The Calorie Count of the Coffee Creamer is detrimental for people diagnosed with diabetes. 

The higher the levels of calories present in the Coffee Creamer are [resnet, the higher your blood sugar levels will rise. 

Hence it is recommended to look for Coffee Creamers that assimilate not more than 15 calories per serving to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. 

4. Amounts of Saturated Fats:

It is important to absolutely avoid coffee creamers that contain saturated fats or trans fats as a diabetic. 

As these fats may increase the risk of heart-related ailments even if they do not directly trigger any diabetes-related risks. 

Hence it is recommended for people diagnosed with diabetes to purchase Coffee Creamers incorporating less than 2 grams of trans fats or saturated fats. It is also recommended to purchase zero-carb Coffee Creamers. 

Are there Different Types of Coffee Creamers for Diabetics?

As a matter of fact, yes there are in total 4 different types of Coffee Creamers available in the market meant for people with diabetes. 

Here is a list of Coffee Creamers you can try that will help maintain your blood sugar levels as a diabetic:

1. Dairy-Free Coffee Creamers:

Dairy-free Coffee Creamers are among the most popular Coffee Creamer choices for people with diabetes. 

While common dairy-based Coffee Creamers contain copious amounts of sugar in the mixture, Dairy-free Coffee Creamers are sugar-free and made from either almond or coconut milk. 

2. Flavored Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer:

Flavoured Sugar-Free Coffee Creamers are a deal breaker for diabetics, especially because of an extra boost of flavor. 

While your common unsweetened coffee creamers have a bland taste, these flavored unsweetened coffee creamers incorporate unique flavors such as vanilla or hazelnut to make your coffee extra tasty. 

3. Organic Coffee Creamer for Diabetics:

Coffee Creamers that are free from chemical additives such as GMOs or BPAs are referred to as Organic Coffee Creamers that are free from any type of allergens or gluten. 

These forms of Coffee Creamers are made for coconut milk or almond milk that can act as a great alternative for common coffee creamers. 

4. Diet-Friendly Coffee Creamer:

Just like your typical vegan-based dairy-free coffee creamers, Diet-Friendly Coffee creamers are also made from plant-based ingredients that do not fluctuate your blood sugar levels. 

These types of coffee creamers are ideal for people who are not only diabetic but also on Ketogenic, Vegan, or Paleo diets. 

A list of the Best Coffee Creamers for Diabetics:

If having high blood sugar levels isn’t difficult enough, eliminating food items containing high levels of sugar is a different ordeal.

Selecting the right coffee creamer can be a daunting task for any diabetic as they are often a concoction of sugars, creams, and fats.  

To simplify things just a little bit for you, here is a list of some of the best Coffee Creamers for diabetics:

1. Equal Café Coffee Creamers:

Do not let diabetes hold back your coffee-drinking experience. The Equal Café Coffee Creamer is a great option for people who like an extra dash of flavor in their coffee. 

This coffee creamer comes in four different variants of flavors ranging from mocha, vanilla, and macchiato to hazelnut. 

 The Equal Café Coffee Creamer is a great diabetic substitute for common coffee creamers are they only incorporate 10 calories per serving. 

2. Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Oat Milk Coffee Creamer:

The Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss Oat Milk Coffee Creamer is a great alternative for diabetics to traditional sweetened coffee creamers. 

Unlike common coffee creamers that consist of additives or sweeteners, this Natural Bliss Oat Milk Coffee Creamer incorporates oat milk. 

It is highly effective for people with diabetes as it assimilates only 5 grams of sugar per serving to help maintain blood sugar levels during the morning rush. 

3. Splenda Single Serve Coffee Creamer Cups:

The Splenda Single Serve Coffee Creamer Cups are a portable and Diabetic-Friendly option for those who are always on the move. 

Apart from the compact size and added mobility, this unique coffee creamer also integrates a zero-sugar policy and only assimilates 15 grams of sugar per serving. 

While this variant of Splenda Single Serve Coffee Creamer Cups is mobile and versatile, it lacks in terms of variety as well as taste. 

4. Califia Farms Unsweetened Coffee Creamer:

Califia Farms manufactures some of the best organic and vegan products that pack multiple benefits. 

The Califia Farms Unsweetened Coffee Creamer is a great option for those who are both diabetic as well as vegan, as this amazing product incorporates almond milk instead of traditional dairy. 

Another benefit of this amazing coffee creamer is that it only incorporates 5grams of natural sugar serving, which helps regulate high blood sugar levels in diabetes patients. 

5. Nutpods French Vanilla Unsweetened Dairy-Free Liquid Coffee Creamer:

Nutpods just like Califia Farms is celebrated for its high-quality, organic, and vegan-based products.

Nutpods French Vanilla Unsweetened Dairy-Free Liquid Coffee Creamer is among their best coffee creamers for both vegan and diabetic customers. 

The French Vanilla Flavor of this amazing Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer is a perfect combination for your early-morning coffee. 

This Diabetic-Friendly Coffee Creamer incorporates only 10 grams of sugar per serving and is free from lactose, gluten, or other dairy protein. 

6. Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer:

The Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer Powder is not only diabetic-friendly but can be used for a prolonged time as it packs a whopping 58 servings per package. 

Each serving of this wonderful Coffee Creamer only generates about 15 calories per serving, making it a great alternative for people with diabetes. 

The Coffee Mate Coffee Creamer is not only diabetes-friendly but also cholesterol-free and dairy-free.

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