Best Coffee for Weight Loss

When you are on a weight loss journey, each element of your diet often falls under hawk-eyed scrutiny, and even drinking a freshly brewed cup of joe can become a topic of debate. 

Coffee is an exceptional energizer and the perfect stimulant, especially during the days when you find it a little harder to get out of bed. 

In fact, most people swear by drinking a cup of freshly brewed java to persevere through a sluggish day. 

Coffee is among the most common beverages consumed by adults across the globe with almost 160 million bags of coffee being purchased and consumed over the year. 

While most avid coffee fanatics enjoy sipping on their precious java for its energizing properties, coffee, and even caffeine pack more benefits for your overall health than you may think.

Believe it or not, a rich, dark, black freshly brewed cup of java can help facilitate weight loss, yes you read the right, coffee can help facilitate weight loss and prevent excess weight gain in most individuals. 

If you are someone who is interested in losing weight by drinking a delectable cup of coffee but cannot find the right coffee for weight loss, look no further. 

Here is everything you should know about different types of coffee for weight loss to help you determine the best coffee for your weight loss journey. 

What is Coffee, Exactly?

Coffee is a beloved beverage for people across the globe that is not only delicious but also highly versatile. 

Whether you like your coffee warm and dark, or you enjoy a cold, creamy, coffee, did you ever wonder what coffee exactly is and where did it come from?

When simply described, coffee is a standard beverage procured from grounded and brewed coffee beans that can be consumed in both cold and hot forms.

Coffee beans often resemble regular beans, but they are significantly different from them, in fact, coffee beans are dried-up seeds that can be found inside a coffee cherry fruit which is often found on a coffee plant. 

One fascinating fact about the coffee plant is that it can live up to about 100 years and produces coffee cherries between 7 and 20 years. 

Between these years a coffee plant can produce over 10 pounds of coffee cherries, which are then left to ripe full-term until they are bright-red and ready to harvest. 

Regarding the history and discovery of the coffee plant, some legends denote coffee was discovered in Ethiopia dating back to 850 AD. 

According to some experts, coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in 850 AD by an Ethiopian herdsman named Kaldi.

Kaldi stumbled across the coffee when he noticed his goats jump excitedly around a red berry bush.

The herdsman after consuming the berries experienced a sudden gush of elation and a jolt of energy and brought the berries along to share with the monks. 

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What are the benefits of coffee?

Coffee undeniably has the benefit of providing a jolt of energy that helps you get out of your bed.

But did you know that your beloved cup of coffee is more than just an effective energizer, it is more than just a natural stimulant that contains a myriad of health benefits, vitamins, and antioxidants? 

To help you understand the benefits of consuming coffee here is a freshly brewed list of coffee that goes beyond brightening up your day:

  1. Promotes healthy weight
  2. Boosts Metabolism
  3. Lowers the risk of type-2 diabetes
  4. Lowers the risk of depression
  5. Alleviates Energy Levels
  6. Enhances Microbiome Diversity
  7. Reduces the risk of cancer
  8. Lowers the risk of liver conditions
  9. Lowers the risk of heart failure
  10. Lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s
  11.  Lowers the risk of Parkinson’s disease

Nutritional Value in Coffee:

Coffee contains the following sources:

  • Caffeine
  • Vitamin B2
  • Magnesium
  • Plant Compounds: polyphenols like chlorogenic acid and quinic acid, kahweol, and cafestol
  • One cup or eight ounces of coffee contains about 95 grams of caffeine.

Can Coffee Really Facilitate Weight Loss?

A cup of plain black coffee without any additives such as sweeteners, coffee creamers, or sugar contains almost no calories.

In fact, a normal serving of coffee often contains about 3 calories, which is significantly low when compared to other calorie-laden beverages. 

While most individuals enjoy drinking coffee with a dollop of whipped cream or a spritz of coffee creamer, it is best to avoid adding these creamy additives to your coffee during your weight loss journey. 

According to research coffee contains several nutrients that enhance digestive health and help facilitate weight loss in individuals, however coffee on its own cannot cut back those extra pounds from your body. 

When on a weight loss journey it is best to drink plain black coffee in conjunction with consistent exercise and a nutritionally balanced diet to achieve optimum results.

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How Does Coffee Help in Weight Loss?

Coffee is a great source of nutrients that help enhance bowel movements and the digestive system such as potassium, magnesium, and other antioxidants. 

Other than enhancing your digestive activity, coffee also contains caffeine that helps increase and boost your metabolism. 

Several studies indicate that consuming a healthy dosage of coffee can help regulate weight by altering fat storage and promoting healthy weight management. 

According to another research, the consumption of coffee was linked to a decrease in body fat in women. 

In fact, according to a study people who consume two cups of coffee a day are able to indulge in rigorous physical activity more than those who have less than 2 cups of coffee per day. 

To help you fully understand how coffee can facilitate weight loss in individuals, here are some benefits of coffee that contribute to weight loss:

Low Calorie:

The weight loss process is ideally associated with maintaining a calorie-deficit diet, that allows the body to burn excess fats.

Coffee is among the best ways to cut back on high-calorie foods and beverages, as coffee contains just 5 calories per serving when consumed plain and black.

Boosts Metabolism:

Metabolism is a mechanism or process that helps break down nutrients present in foods and allows the body to convert calories into energy. 

Coffee contains a natural stimulant known as caffeine that helps enhance the function of the nervous system, it has also been proven to increase and boost metabolism by 11%. 

This is because Caffeine as a stimulant is among the few substances that help increase the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Caffeine by boosting the metabolism, stimulates thermogenesis leading the body to burn fat and produce energy by digesting food. 

While most consider this happens on its own, studies have indicated the increased rate of metabolism can be a product of the elevated levels of energy after consuming coffee in the body that promotes you to work out more and increase movement.

Hunger Suppressant:

Your appetite can be greatly influenced by the foods you consume, the level of hormones, and your physical activities. 

Caffeine which is naturally present in coffee is a great hunger suppressant that helps temporarily reduce your desire to eat

While there is not sufficient evidence to support the cause-effect and relationship of coffee as an effective hunger suppressant, it has been indicated that caffeine may decrease the levels of the hormone ghrelin that makes you feel hungry.

 A list of the Best Coffee For Weight Loss:

While the type of coffee during weight loss is a simple, plain, black coffee without any additives such as sugars, creamers, or sweeteners. 

But, there are other coffee brands in the market that claim to facilitate your weight loss process. 

If you are interested in splurging on some new coffee brands while on a weight loss journey, we’ve got you covered, here is a list of the best coffee brands for weight loss:

1. Puroast Low Acid Coffee:

Are you in search of a coffee that helps you lose excess weight but doesn’t cause acidity? If yes, then the Puroast Low Acid Coffee is yours to grab. 

With a rich and dark roast, the brand Puroast claims to have naturally processed beans that allow you to have a smoother coffee-drinking experience that won’t cause acidity. 

Along with being organically sourced and processed beans, the Puroast Low Acid Coffee beans are high in antioxidants that help facilitate the weight loss process.

2. Tiny Footprint Coffee:

Tiny Footprint coffee is an amazing environment-friendly coffee brand that only contributes to your health but also to the environment as it produces close to no carbon footprint. 

This Dark roast coffee is not only beneficial for weight loss but is also delicious with a sultry flavor and a dark chocolate aftertaste.

3. Kicking Horse Coffee:

This coffee is not meant for the ones who enjoy a milder-tasting cup of java. With a dark and rich roast, Kicking Horse Coffee is a great brand for those who are looking for a dark, rich, and potent flavor that is not bitter. 

Another benefit of choosing this coffee is that it doesn’t exasperate or irritate your stomach making it perfect for people with caffeine sensitives who enjoy a stronger and darker brew.

4. Mount Hagen Organic Coffee:

Are you in search of an organic coffee brand that is not only organic but easy to procure? If yes then Mount Hagen Organic Coffee is a must-try for you. 

It is made from freeze-dried instant coffee beans making it highly suitable for facilitating weight loss. 

Unlike common instant coffee brands that often carry a terrible aftertaste, Mount Hagen Organic Coffee has an overall consistently delicious taste.