It is a monthly moderated conversation on Twitter covering various nutrition topics. The hour-long twitter session will cover nutrition themes related to the latest headlines, new studies or controversial topics. Anyone with a twitter account can participate but the conversation will be moderated by registered dietitians (RD). Special guests can be invited to lead the discussion. Questions will be asked by the moderator (Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.) and participants will respond to questions (A1, A2, A3), add comments or RT other answers.

Monthly conversations are archived and can be accessed at a later date.


Usually the first Monday of each month at 8-9pm UK time. Each month we cover a different topic. Search for #RDUK on Twitter to find out the theme for the month and to see updates.


Each month we will cover a different topic related to nutrition. This topic will be communicated in advance of each chat session


1. Dietitians work in isolation a lot of the time and taking part in a twitter forum can help us network, share information on a range of topics and collectively improve our nutrition knowledge.
2. Trust a dietitian to know about nutrition. There is a lot of mistruths circulating out there, so let’s set the record straight and take more control of social media.
3. You may learn something new and add to your continued professional development.Help raise our dietetic profile in the UK with journalists, medical, nursing & health care professionals and health related charities.


The chat happens live on Twitter and you can join in at any time during the hour. Simply log in to Twitter and type in #RDUK or start a column on Tweetdeck for #RDUK.


We have the full support of the British Dietetic Association.


Please drop me an email or contact us if you have any questions.